I am SUPER HERO! Why, you might wonder? Well, I tell you why....Because I SURVIVED AML Leukemia Cancer! That's right! I did it, I beat it. I am so TOUGH! Read more about me and my new life after my battle with cancer. Right Here!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

on a roll

It's clinic time again already. June 15th 2010. The month of May just zoomed by. Not that we've been doing anything! :) Disney World, Wedding, Flaming Gorge, Colorado, Idaho....and we stop at home right in time for Happy 5 Birthday Taylie!!!

We'll get to that later, but first clinic. My mom has been asking me a lot of questions lately. If I'm tired more. If I feel good. If I have any bruises. I keep telling her that I am feeling fine. I think she just likes to worry. I really don't like having to get my arm poked, but I told my mom I would be super-duper brave this time. My mom's friend Stacy came along with us. I think my mom wanted some help and some support. Stacy is my best friend Rachel's mom. We play like every chance we can get! Sometimes we get to go places together.

It is always a long ride to Salt Lake where the hospital is at. We like to sing silly songs the whole ride down. Mayzi didn't come today again. Sunnie did and I like to help my mom take care of her.

Today I am going to visit my buddy Brooks. He has AML leukemia just like I had. He is almost all done with all of his treatment. He is leaving the hospital so soon. This news makes my mom cry. She did that a lot when we left the hospital too. He was sleeping when we went to visit him. I left him the gifts I brought for him. I hope he likes water balloon and squirt guns and hunting and fishing stuff because that's what my mom bought him. I wish soon that I can go and play with Brooks and his family. My mom says we can as soon as he is well enough.

I had to go to the lab first to draw my blood. Guess what I did? I didn't even cry once. Not even a little bit. I sat on my mom's lap and it wasn't to scary today. Even though I don't like to do this I think it is getting easier for me to be brave. My mom couldn't believe it at all. She thinks I am super tough. I agree!

Once again my mom failed to bring the camera because it is being fixed right now. My mom keeps saying it needs to hurry up and come back to her. She really likes to take a lot of pictures all of the time.

There was a new person up on ICS we met today. Well, actually she was sleeping but I got to meet her parents. She had AML Leukemia also. She is a lot older than I am. She is 16. My mom spent a lot of time talking with her mom and dad. I went off to start a water fight with all of the nurses! I even soaked my mom by surprise too! I love it that I can see all of my nurse friends and get into fun, silly, wars with them. We played for awhile and them had to leave. It was getting later and I am ready to see my dad soon. So we left the hospital and drove home. First though we have to go see my Grandma Jeanne. She gave us something to eat and we got to visit with her for a little bit. I wanted to stay longer so we could go swimming, but my mom said later we would come back for that. The bubble was off and it looked so fun to me. I love to swim. I love to swim!

Oh, I forgot to say that my lab results were great. They showed no signs of anything abnormal and my numbers are doing good. My mom says that she will feel better when they move up a whole bunch more. The doctor told her that they will. We have to give it time. my body went through a lot with Chemotherapy. I didn't like any of that at all. I am so happy to not have to do that again! My mom started to act happier after the doctor talked to her. I don't think that she is as nervous as when we got here. She says that's just the way it goes. She also said that we never want to come back her again. Unless it is to visit and visit only. I agree!

So I'm on a roll I guess. I'm almost 5 and getting so big and so strong everyday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yeah Baby!

Right from the first day I came home from the hospital I wanted to ride my bike. I really missed riding my bike. I asked my Dad to take off my training wheels because I am going to ride it all by myself. Ever so often I go out with my Dad and he helps me learn to ride. Sometimes I get way frustrated and want to just go inside. Other times I make progress. I am determined to accomplish this. Why not? I am a super hero after all! I kicked Cancer so why not this too! Look at me go I finally got it. There's no stopping me this time. In about two weeks I will be turning 5! I am getting way big!