I am SUPER HERO! Why, you might wonder? Well, I tell you why....Because I SURVIVED AML Leukemia Cancer! That's right! I did it, I beat it. I am so TOUGH! Read more about me and my new life after my battle with cancer. Right Here!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yeah Baby!

Right from the first day I came home from the hospital I wanted to ride my bike. I really missed riding my bike. I asked my Dad to take off my training wheels because I am going to ride it all by myself. Ever so often I go out with my Dad and he helps me learn to ride. Sometimes I get way frustrated and want to just go inside. Other times I make progress. I am determined to accomplish this. Why not? I am a super hero after all! I kicked Cancer so why not this too! Look at me go I finally got it. There's no stopping me this time. In about two weeks I will be turning 5! I am getting way big!

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